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The Pagoda brand ethos is centred around living life on your own terms, creating and manifesting your own reality and inspiring others to do the same... a dangerous prospect to the powers that be. 

Pagoda was founded in spring time 2017. The first coveted (and now ultra-rare) item was the Original Smoking Jacket (pictured above), and the brand quickly became well known and respected amongst a particular echelon of society in Bali and further afield; known as the
'Tropical Hustler'.

The humble and almost accidental beginning of Pagoda was an exciting time - spontaneous rogue sales of limited edition caftans at private soirées and bespoke productions for high profile international characters.
Fast forward a wild ride, and the line has extended to include luxe travel accessories - continuing to add to its singular, perennial collection transcending decades of so called 'fashion'. An integral brand for the international jet-setter, Pagoda is a nod to the days when frequent travel was associated with a life of elegance.

Pagoda is an art project where anything is possible. Beside our regular original line and limited edition releases, behind closed doors we continue to focus and evolve our atelier catering to custom orders for private clientele with a penchant for timeless style. We are always open to discuss collaborations, and the ways in which we can push boundaries and leave an empowering legacy.

We communicate first and foremost with our global community via email newsletter, with information about things we're working on, upcoming release announcements and general news from HQ. Sign up to be amongst the first in the know. 

What is a Tropical Hustler? The short answer is:
it takes one to know one.


©2024 Pagoda

©2024 Pagoda

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