Original Noir Caftan

The Original 'Noir' Caftan


Luxe soft textured woven fabric: 75% Rayon 25% Linen, with the signature Santo motif bamboo satin trim 


(includes secret pocket in the trim) 


* Available with different trim options upon private request (contact via email) 


Comes in a black cotton fabric pouch - with exterior woven Pagoda brand label and gold coloured signature style brass zipper piece. Lining of pouch is made from a random selection of off-cut fabric of various styles in orfer to save waste.  


A slightly shorter length variant of the classic Original Caftan - The 'Noir' Caftan has a nod to ancient Asian style influence but in a modern application. This is a staple piece classic of any Tropical Hustler - ideal for lounging comfort but equally applicable for going out to dinner or an evening soirée


Original Noir Caftan